Lean & Strong 16-Week program
$199 per couple (one-time payment)

Offers access to a weight loss 16-Week program for couples to shed inches, raise energy levels, and improve health.  

What you will get with the Lean & Strong 16-Week program :  

  • 16-week workout and meal plan for couples. 
  • Get the midsection a 20-year-old would envy, lose stubborn fat, build muscle, and get lean and toned together with this tried and tested method for midlife men and women. 
  • Train together and stay together with this exercise and nutrition program specifically designed for couples over 40. 
  • Torch fat and build muscle like never before with this comprehensive strength training and workout plan. 
  • Customized nutrition plan to optimize your results. 
  • Includes a 16-week comprehensive follow-along gym workout program, a customized nutrition program for both men and women and instructional tutorials on how to get the most out of your training and nutrition.

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  • 1xLean & Strong 16-Week program$199

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